It’s no lie that living on a student budget is tough and even tougher for those living out of home. Rent, food, bills and tuition fees are all too familiar when it comes to studying. So to make life a little bit easier, we have put together a few easy tips to make your dollars go an extra mile.

1. Find a savings account that works for you

Finding and switching to a savings account with low fees is going to do you wonders. Some financial institutions offer basic bank accounts with:

  • No account keeping fees
  • Free monthly statements
  • No minimum deposit amounts
  • No overdrawn fees

2. Avoid ATM charges

Check if your bank is linked to other banks. You might find out that you have access to more ATMs than you think through your bank’s partnerships.

3. You don’t need a flashy new textbook

Search for textbooks online before you buy them brand new. Some good places to start are Facebook groups, StudentVIP, Zookal, Gumtree or eBay. More than often you will find a bargain.

4. Plan out your lunches

Prepare a weekly or monthly meal plan for your lunches (or every meal if you are feeling organised). Spend 1 day a week preparing your meals for the following week. If you cook meals that can be frozen you can take them out of the freezer in the morning and leave them in your bag to defrost. By the time lunch comes around, your lunch should be ready to eat and you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping it refrigerated.

5. Look for scholarships

If you don’t look, you’ll never find. Scholarships remove financial barriers and allow students to become limitless. With a scholarship, you could study any field without feeling financially constrained and possibly pursue an area that you may have avoided because of the cost. Not to mention, you can spend the extra money on something else – heck, maybe even a holiday! Check out our scholarship opportunities here.

Author: Juanita