Why are first impressions so important?

The first five seconds after you first meet a person is the key to making a good impression. A warm and sincere welcome to show that you are genuinely happy to welcome a customer to your establishment is so important. Make use of this opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a potential customer as you may not get a second chance. They won’t come back to your establishment if they don’t feel welcome.

Think about a time when you went to a new restaurant and didn’t receive good service. Would you go back? Did you go on social media and tell all your friends about it? How many people do you think would have read your post – hundreds or maybe even thousands of people? The negative impact to that restaurant from one person’s experience can be quite significant.

Statistics to support this theory:

  • 89% of customers went to a competitor after they experienced poor customer service
  • 60% of customers rate a good customer experience as a high priority
  • The average open rate for welcome emails is 50%

These statistics tell us that people who feel welcome will return to your business again and if you keep up a positive customer service experience they may even become loyal customers.

Other useful tips:

  • Give the person your full attention
  • Remember personal details and use them
  • Anticipate needs
  • Make eye contact
  • Strive to build a mutually rewarding relationship

If you follow these simple steps you are sure to run a successful business!

Author: Service Skills Academy

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