When I tell people that I work in human resources, they often look at me with a blank expression and ask what my job involves. This is not an easy question because every day in human resources is different. They might then follow up by asking what we achieve, which is even harder because our results are not always measurable or visible. Then they might also ask who we report to, which is also complicated because we need to balance the interests of all stakeholders to be successful.

So what do human resource professionals do? This all depends on the role you perform, the size of the organisation and how forward thinking they are. Traditional HR departments specialised in providing administrative functions that supported the operations team, for example delivering performance management services. The modern HR professional does much more than that with HR now filling the role of strategic partner and help their organisation to develop and execute their business strategy. The role of a human resource professional is varied, however might include a mix of functions such as being a:

  • Strategic human resource business partner
  • Recruitment and selection specialist
  • Training and development professional
  • Workplace health and safety officer
  • Injury management specialist
  • Payroll, benefits and compensation manager
  • Workforce planning and development specialist
  • Performance management expert
  • Workplace culture champion
  • Employee relations manager
  • Talent management and succession planner
  • Compliance and industrial relations specialist
  • Separation and termination manager
  • Project manager

For those people looking for job variety, role autonomy and a dynamic and evolving career, human resource management might just be the right choice for you.

Author: Service Skills Academy

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